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CSE Role E-mail Groups

This page lists the most common role based mailing lists maintained by the CSE department. These mailing lists may not be manually subscribed to or unsubscribed from. All mailing lists are addressed with following the name of the list.

Please note that these mailing lists are subject to change and some mailing lists may not active at the moment and thus may not contain a current list of recipients.  

Basic Faculty Categories

  • cseasst: Tenure-Track Assistant Professors --- includes acting assistant professors
  • cseassoc: Tenure-Track Associate Professors
  • cseprof: Tenure-Track Professors
  • cselsoe: Lecturers with Secuirty of Employment
  • cseprofres: Professors-in-Residence --- All ranks
  • cseplec: Lecturers with 3-year contracts
  • csescientists: Research and Project Scientists
  • csepgfellows: Postgraduate fellows
  • cseassociated: Associated Faculty, includes adjunct as well 0% percent appointments of tenure-track faculty from other departments/institutions.
  • cseadjunct: Adjunct Faculty
  • csetemplec: Temporary Lecturers
  • csevisitfac: Visiting Faculty
  • cseemeriti: Emerti Faculty
  • cseotherfac: Other Faculty Categories
  • cseapo: Staff in the Academic Personnel Office

Basic Staff Categories

  • csehelp-internal: Computing Support Staff (includes students assistants)
  • csefin: Financial Affairs Staff (includes students assistants)
  • csesa: Student Affairs Staff (includes student assistants)
  • csesupp: Support unit staff (includes students assistants as well as faculty assistants funded by research money)
  • cseresstaff: - Technical Staff Funded mostly by Research Funding (includes programmers)
  • csemso: Departmental MSO
  • csestudentasst: All Student Assistants
  • csemanagers: - Staff Managers

Basic Graduate Student Categories

  • csephdXX: List of all current Ph.D. students that entered during the year 19XX or 20XX.
  • csemsXX: List of all current M.S. students that entered during the year 19XX or 20XX.
  • cseguesttudents: All guest (undergraduate and graduate) students as well as people who can be considered as students. Not part of csegrads, but included directly into csepeople.
  • cseothergrads: non-CSE students (e.g. ECE students) who are at least partly playing the role of CSE students and want to get csegrads mail.
  • csegradmisc: other miscellaneous addresses that want to get csegrads email who otherwise would not.
  • csephdalumni: not part of csegrads or csepeople
  • csemsalumni: not part of csegrads or csepeople

Derived Categories

  • csesenatefaculty: cseasst + cseassoc + cseprof + cseprofres + cselsoe
  • csefaculty: csesenatefaculty + cseplec + cseadjunct + cseassociated + cseemeriti + csetemplec
  • cseresearchers: csepgfellows + csescientists
  • csefacmtg: cseapo + csefaculty + csegsaleads + csefacmtgmisc
  • cseallfaculty: csefaculty + cseresearchers + csevisitfac + cseotherfac
  • csemsgrads: msXX
  • csephdgrads: phdXX
  • csegrads: csephdgrads + csemsgrads + cseothergrads + csegradmisc
  • csestaff: csehelp-internal + csefin + csesa + csesupp + csemso + cseresstaff
  • cseallstaff: csestaff
  • csepeople: cseallstaff + cseallfaculty + csegrads + csegueststudents


  • admcom: Graduate Admissions Committee
  • advcom:
  • cecom:
  • compcom: Computing Committee
  • csesenatereps: CSE Senate Faculty Representatives
  • gradcom: Graduate Committee
  • gradcom-fac: Graduate Committee Faculty Only
  • irccom:
  • mscom:
  • pubcom: Publicity Committee
  • reccom: Recruiting Committee
  • reccom-fac:
  • socialcom:
  • spacecom:
  • ugcom: Undergraduate Committee